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Thursday, January 7, 2010

I love coffee

I owe my love for coffee to my Aunt Ruth. She got me started drinking coffee. I used to only buy coffee at various coffee houses. Now I mix it up by making it at my house and going to various coffee house. My cousin Sara ( Ruth's daughter) taught me to drink it black with sugar. So now I order my coffee with that way and sometime get different syrups added. I was once customer of the week at coffee shop. For me it was better than winning the lottery. :) I still smile thinking about it. I got my picture taken and it hung in the customer of week plaque. I called all my friends and family to let them know. It was a great moment. Over the years I have owned several coffee pots, a french press and a few grinders. My favorite coffee to brew is Major Dickinson by Peet's Coffee. I am always trying to perfect my home brewing technique. I think this tutorial is great. Thanks Wise Craft.
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