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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Themed Thursday: Blankets & Quilt

Visit Bolt Neighborhood for the Softest Ever Baby Blanket tutorial.

Visit Diamonds, Furs and Laundry for Snugly Blanket tutorial.

Visit Cluck Cluck Sew for the Orange Quilt tutorial.

Visit The Cottage Home for the Waterproof Picnic blanket tutorial.

Visit Crafty Tammie for the retro baby blanket tutorial.

Visit Blue Bird Lucy's for the Elephant blanket tutorial.

Visit Make Baby Stuff for the Felted Sweaters Baby Quilt pattern.

Visit Crap I've Made for the Weighted Blanket tutorial.

Visit Handmade Matters for the Chenille-backed Patchwork Baby Blanket tutorial.

Visit Sparkle Power for the Hooded Doll Blanket tutorial.

Visit The Handmade Dress for the Granny Square Baby Blanket tutorial.

Visit My Little Gems for the Sensory Baby Tag Blanket tutorial.

Visit Craftastical for the Baby Clothes Quilt tutorial.

Visit Yeah, Write for the College Blanket tutorial.

Visit The Stepford Wife for the Repurposed Receiving Blanket tutorial.

Visit Craft Apple for the Chenille Backed Blanket tutorial.

Visit Sew a Straight Line for the Teddy Bear Blanket tutorial.
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